art metropole

Art Metropole has opened in their new location at Dundas and Dufferin and it's such a beautiful, light-filled space.  I'm so happy something like this exists in Toronto as it reminds me so much of the zine stores I visited while living in Seoul.


  • I loved visiting V Files - where I got that Gaby Hoffman magazine - especially because of these amazing old advertisements they had posted on the wall.  
  • I went to Smile To Go I think 3 different times - these raspberry financier things were so good.
  • Solo salad party at Cafe Gitane's Nolita location.
  • I wish I'd taken more photos at American Two Shot - it was such a cool space and the owners were so sweet!  I also really enjoyed visiting Creature of Comfort, but foolishly took no photos - too in awe of all the pretty things.
  • A visit to Cafe Gitane at the Jane Hotel - baked eggs and herbed goat cheese with pomegranate syrup.

  • New House of Holland x Superga sneakers from Opening Ceremony :))))  
  • Nichole and I went to the MoMA PS1 Warm Up on Saturday evening which I highly recommend - and the exhibit inside the gallery was incredible.

  • Eating and eating at Smorgasburg - carrot coconut paranthas, pasta, fried chicken, chick pea sandwiches, homemade poptarts, etc. etc. etc. 

  • A quick visit to the Comme Des Garcons store in Chelsea.

  • Hanging in the V Magazine office - I wanted this mug.
  • Looking out the window at the Whitney.  I went for the Yayoi Kusama exhibit, but Fireflies sold out right when I was next up to buy tickets! I almost cried, but quickly recovered when I realized I would have been waiting around for my turn for another 6 hours.  Ah well.
  • A very quick visit to The High Line.  This peach pop was delicious.


Nichole and I went to Prune for a light dinner (we did two dinners that night, Momofuku being the second) on my last evening in Manhattan.  It was recommended by one of the guys that Nichole works with at V and did not disappoint.  Especially since one of the girls who worked there recognized me from this blog (so nice!) and, as it turns out, has a really great site of her own - see here.  Thanks, Emma for being so sweet!

Anyway, I'm only eating radishes with butter from now on.  And homemade cottage cheese.  Gah. Oh! And they give a bowl of cherries with the bill.  Um, yes.

things I bought that i love (nyc edition)

I went to New York a couple of weeks ago to visit a girlfriend who's interning at V Magazine for the summer - lots of fun was had, and I came home with a few goodies (mostly sneakers, which aren't pictured - but soon!).  Anyway:
  1. Look at this insane issue of Index magazine (from 1997!) with Gaby Hoffman on the cover - like what?  I'm forever in a Gaby Hoffman stage.  I got it at V Files, which is located across the street from the V mag office, and they have stacks on stacks of magazines like this.  And Abercrombie and Fitch catalogues - so yeah. Go there!  There's also an interview with David Sedaris in this issue, so buying it was win-win.
  2. I haven't seen Wilder Quarterly in Toronto (maybe not looking in the right places?) so I picked up this copy in Williamsburg while hiding from the rain in a bookstore.  
  3. Creatures of Comfort was mos def my favourite store and where I found this little smiley-faced BAGGU.  :)))
  4. And, of course, a super kawaii phone case bought on Canal Street.  Maybe I should add some more roses, Anabela?
Stay tuned...



Some recent Instagram photos (@thankyou_ok):

my friend Rachel designs nice t-shirts// popsicles and Pink pearl at the MOCCA// peonies (RIP)
 Servane Mary at Clint Roenisch// girl stuff in my room// new CDG stripes and reading material.

Some of Carlos' recent art// frisbees and rackets at Trinity Tuck Shop// white manicure/coffee from Capital.
Some exhibits I enjoyed/meant to post earlier this summer in Toronto before I forgot about blogging.