A favourite place to grab drinks in Hongdae - plus, they play great music.


SSE #12
by hasisi park

Hasisi turns ordinary everyday scenes into something unfamiliar by hiding the objects and concealing the situation. The boundary of reality and fantasy becomes vague. The opposing elements are bound together in one narrative. Hasisi plays with this medium through various ways, experimenting with the potential of the photographic image.
- Yena Ku

Last Sunday I happily bought this SSE Project zine by Hasisi Park at Selected Bookshop Your Mind. Located in Hongdae, Your Mind, like The Books and The Book Society, houses colourful shelves full of small press publications, independent music, and DIY books (and also some beautiful vintage Vogue magazines). If in the area, I highly suggest a visit.


Tucked away in a cafe-lined side alley, Tora B really stands out. I love the drawings of their brunch sets, the map of their (surprisingly large!) interior, and their royal milk tea (iced, in this heat).

Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu 347-12
Telephone: 02-6408-8038
open-time: 1:00 p.m. ~ 11:00 p.m.
on holidays: Monday


Re-arranging pre-arranged non-arrangements. Formal, temporary and permanent situations. New work by Carson Fisk-Vittori and Michael Hunter.
Roots & Culture, Chicago IL, April 2010

"Casual Object Garden and Other Material Matters is the presentation of individual and collaborative works by Carson Fisk-Vittori and Michael Hunter. Both artists create work through the accumulation, arrangement, juxtaposition and presentation of found and created objects. Rather than materials serving a predetermined conceptual notion, each work evolves from the artists' intuitive relationship with his or her materials. Through constructed happenstance, Fisk-Vittori's photographs, ikebana-inspired flower arrangements and textile designs reflect both casual and deliberate formation. Hunter improvises his own modest sculptures and paintings through playful experimentation. The cornerstone of the exhibition, Casual Object Garden, is a room-sized, collaborative tableau and the culmination of the artists' mutual interest in spatial composition. Otherwise familiar objects such as plants, household items, rocks and construction materials are rendered unfamiliar to the extent that formal qualities supersede practical associations. The elements that make up the work in Casual Object Garden and Other Material Matters are reduced to their material essence, allowing for a visual experience rich with understated affect."

-Karly Wildenhaus


Some pieces resulting from an old magazine that my boyfriend reluctantly cut up - it worked out well. I love the clean aesthetic.

The Bund....it's overwhelmingly fantastic.
Photos by Garance

A little souvenir we picked up along the way.

Like idjuts, we ventured to Shanghai before the Expo (ill-placed working holidays are to blame). Most places were closed for renovations/preparations... although we did have a most memorable night out on the Lunar New Year. We stayed at the Jia and spent a lot of time in the French Concession. My memories are fond.


- P├ętanque by Chanel.
-Emmanuelle Alt photographed in Ibiza, 1988, issue n°28.
-Shalom Harlow photographed by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, issue n°25. Styling by Suzanne Koller.

self service magazine/blog


... has become much more bearable with my new little fan.


Hongdae, Seoul


Pain de Papa, with its mustard yellow walls and cheerful interior, is full of organic baked goods and wholesome (grains! dense! yes!) breads. Definitely worth a trip if your shopping around in Sinsa-dong.

Pain de Papa
135-890 Gangnam-gu Shinsa-dong
548-5 Hyundai Building 10b
T. [02] 543 5232


Even the most discriminating coffee drinkers will agree: Alice and Dorothy offers the best hand drip in Korea.


some pictures I took between films

This past weekend I took advantage of the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (which is on through July 25th) and watched:

- Sin of a Family (Korea)
- Footed Tadpoles (Japan)
- 8000 Miles 2: Girl Rappers (Japan)
- Red (Korea)

Tomorrow morning I'm watching a collection of fantastic short films and, as none of the movies I've seen so far (with exception of 8000 Miles 2 ) were anything I expected, I'm looking forward to seeing what the shorts have in store.

If you live in Korea, this festival is a wonderful opportunity to check out Korean/International films for a very reasonable price. The only drawback is that you can't bring in any food or drink - which is unfortunate, as I was obviously going to use the festival as an excuse to eat movie popcorn three times a day.